Friday, 30 August 2013


It's been a rough couple of days and then I got a text that lifted my spirits: want to come on a coffee crawl around London?

Hmm...let me think about this for a moment. How should I best reply - is a bear a Catholic?

Course I do!

And then I began thinking about my review process. It was a very quick 30 seconds. I don't have a review process. In my previous post about my visit, in hindsight all I did was gush. Mind you, it's hard to visit Colonna and Smalls and not to gush. However, it is clear that a structure and a clear system is needed. 

I have been looking at other food reviewing sites and have decided to create a framework by which I can review said cafe without resorting to: it's nice or ugh, it was awful.

So as I start working on that, I thought I'd do a quick shout out. When you go for a coffee, what do you look for in the establishment and the coffee you drink?

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